Fall Festival Cancelled! Here’s What to Do Instead

What to do now that the Fall Festival has been cancelled for 2020

The Evansville Nut Club’s Fall Festival is one of Evansville’s most beloved events. It’s served as the primary fundraiser for more than a hundred local charitable organizations. Unfortunately, because of fears related to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Fall Festival has been cancelled for 2020.

This decision is likely to have a huge, negative economic impact on these organizations. As a community, I think we should find a way to help lessen the burdens they’ll face. My idea? Think about how much money your family probably spends at the Fall Festival each year, and donate a large percentage of that money to your favorite local charitable organization!

When you spend money at the Fall Festival, yes, you receive something of value in return. However, the net profits each organization earns go to support good causes and people in need in our area. If you can’t buy the food because the Fall Festival has been cancelled, those profits don’t go to those organizations anymore. That’s why it’s a good idea to take that money you would have spent, and donate it! No, you won’t get food in return, but (1) you’ll feel good about yourself, and (2) it may be tax deductible (I’m not an accountant! Check with one to be sure!).

It may be difficult to donate money currently, since we’re going through some tough economic times, with record levels of unemployment. If you don’t think you can afford to make a donation, offer to volunteer! There are always opportunities to contribute your time to local charitable organizations. I know they’ll appreciate it!

Hewins Law Firm is doing its part. We recently initiated a program where we make a monthly donation to a local organization randomly chosen from the comments of our Facebook followers. Up until now, the contribution has been $50.00. However, through the end of the year, we’re increasing the donation amount to $100.00! The July winner (who will receive $100.00) has already been selected. Stay tuned for an announcement!