Why Can’t I Choose My Doctor When I Am Hurt At Work?

If you get hurt at work in Indiana, Indiana’s Worker’s Compensation Law says that the employer has the right to choose your doctor. This may seem unfair, but the employer is given that right because it has to pay for your medical care regardless of whether it is at fault. So, oftentimes, the insurance company will send you to their doctor.

There are limits, however. If your worker’s compensation doctor recommends surgery, but the insurance company does not want to pay for it, they may send you to one or more doctors for second or third opinions, hoping they find a doctor that says you don’t need a surgery. They may even rely on something called utilization review to deny your surgery. Some worker’s compensation insurance companies can put the bottom line ahead of your well being, and you end up not getting the surgery you need to recover from your injury.

If your worker’s compensation insurance company is doing this to you, it is a sign that they are abusing their right to choose your doctor, and an experienced Evansville Indiana Worker’s Comp attorney like Charles Hewins can help. Charles Hewins practices worker’s compensation and personal injury law in Evansville, Newburgh, and all other areas of Southern Indiana.